School User Privacy Policy

How we use personal information

Cambridgeshire County Council collect and use personal information in line with our requirements/responsibilities as an NQT Appropriate Body for the purposes of induction. Your information (such as contact details) will only be accessed and processed by authorised personnel who are directly involved in the management and administration of NQT induction and have a legitimate need to access your information. Whenever we use information, we will always limit this to only what is needed and ensure that it is used safely and securely. All staff receive training on data protection and information security.

Length of time we keep information

As an NQT Appropriate Body we are required by the DfE’s statutory guidelines for induction, to keep personal information and induction assessments for six years from the date that NQTs pass induction. Beyond six years, we will keep a basic record of induction status but will no longer keep copies of induction assessments.

Keeping personal information secure

Only personnel who are directly involved in the management and administration of NQT induction have access to your information. School Induction Coordinators are only granted access to our online assessment system (‘NQT Manager’) after being authorised by us and they then set up the users within their school. Each ‘level’ of user are only able to access the personal data that is required to complete their role and only through using a secure login.

Our online assessment system (NQT Manager) is compatible with the latest Critical Security Updates (eg. Critical Microsoft Operating System Updates) within one month of release. Our online assessment system (NQT Manager) is hosted in the UK. The database is backed up to two sites every six hours, on a rolling 14 day basis.

Sharing personal information

We share information with other people or organisations as necessary, in order to comply with our statutory requirements.

We may also disclose your personal information to a third party where we have your explicit consent, in an emergency where your health or personal security is at risk, where we are required to do so by law (eg. in response to a court order), it is necessary to do so in order to defend the Council’s legal right.

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